Welcome to Muse Radio, a weekly conversation on the creative life hosted by Marta Abbott and Kat Tan, where we hope to bring fresh insight and perspective through stories, creative work, and travels. All interviews are conducted in person and often delve into the intimate motivations behind why inspired people do what they do and why it matters.

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We all find our muse in different ways and through a unique set of eyes. Muse Radio came from the desire to encourage and engage in conversation about the creative process and creative life, as well as what feeds the creative spark. Through many long conversations of our own on those same subjects, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to extend this exchange of questions and ideas to our friends and contemporaries and, insodoing, hopefully get more and more of you out there talking, innovating, producing and turning what you see in your minds into reality. The more time we spent in Rome, the more talented, dedicated, resourceful, interesting and creative types we have come across and Muse Radio is our attempt to introduce them to you, one by one, and invite you in to the collective conversation.

Marta Alexandra Abbott was born in Amsterdam to a Czech mother and American father. She grew up in the U.S. and lived in Manhattan before moving to Rome. Marta has always had a strong attachment both to the arts and to nature, which manifested itself in multiple ways, most predominantly through painting, drawing and floral design. Since moving to Rome, Marta has been continued working with flowers as she did in New York. She had the good luck of meeting Kat Tan through mutual friends and they instantly started discussing projects and collaborations which eventually lead to the birth of Muse Radio.When not working on the podcast, she can be found foraging for flowers, plotting her next trip or appreciating a good meal ( most likely with her husband, Giorgio)

Katrina Tan always dreamed of traveling the world with everything she needed on her back(pack). This need to simplify and also, to remain close to the wild or unknown is at the heart of Zero the One, her creative studio/practice. Using a laptop and camera (both fit in her bag) to do both art and work, she has been creating films and conducting workshops around Europe. She grew up with a grassroots education in her hometown Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. Just the wild freedom of growing up with limited resources (literal – if there’s nothing, there’s nothing to lose) allowed for various creative incarnations – early as a painter, musician, designer, teacher and eventual filmmaker. She is mother to her son Adamo and lives and works in Rome where she and Marta continue the creative conversation via Muse Radio.