Veronica Fossa is the founder of We Factory and is pursuing a career in what she has dubbed Food Strategy. In many ways it’s an emerging path for those pursuing a career in food who love bringing people together and like finding creative ways to solve practical problems. Veronica herself is form Italy but she has experienced many other cultures and she brings her experiences into this new venture. We talked to her about what it means to be a creative entrepreneur in today’s ever-changing landscape and what inspired her to start this business that in many ways is all about community, shared experiences and an appreciation for taking the time stop and enjoy life. She also connected us with Saghar Setareh of Rome-based blog Labnoon and we all got together to share some food and exchange ideas. We documented it all for you so don’t forget to check out the photos and video (to be released on saturday)!

End music: In Kind by Braids

Veronica Fossa


picnic styling in progress. video to be released on saturday! stay tuned 😉


Marta adds her flowers

Marta adds her flowers

Saghar and Veronica

Saghar and Veronica in between styling