Our Georgian adventures continue this week! Now that we’ve covered wine, we want to tell you about Georgian polyphonic singing. It’s an ancient style of singing that Georgia is known for and as soon as we heard it we understood why. Considering its long history, there is a remarkable timelessness about the sounds and melodies it creates and the emotions it evokes. In fact it makes such an impression that the folks at NASA felt compelled to send it into space, just in case someone should happen upon it ( further explanation provided in the podcast). Interesting to mention also that Carl Sagan was the chair of the committee behind the project.

Sally, Sarah Elizabeth and Sarah May

Sally of My Custard Pie and the two Sarahs of Taste Georgia

Khinkali - Georgian dumplings

Khinkali – Georgian dumplings


Thanks to Sarah May Grunwald of Taste Georgia for arranging for us to get to hear the beautiful sounds of polyphony in person and to the members of the Herio Ensemble / ანსამბლი “ჰერიო” we had the great pleasure of listening to!

All singing performed by Herio Ensemble except for Apareka by Trio Mandili, a love song that refers to the old Georgian highland tradition of Stsorproba, a romantic partnership between a man and woman similar to marriage. Listen to the podcast above for more on that!


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