Jenni loves museums. She refers to it as MUSE(um) and that says it all. We talk about how she got into her work and how she ended up sharing this passion through her blog, helping others discover and enjoy (and support) museums all over.

She especially cares for small, unusual museums like the Museum of Spectacles with some pictures from that experience below (shots by Jenni).




Other odd factoids from her research – did you know that Germany alone has at least four museums on bread? Get inspired and follow Jenni and her adventures at Museum Diary. Also have a look at her Adopt-a-Museum project and consider participating! These gems are not just places for ‘old stuff’, these are portals for learning and creativity.

She also has tips and recommendations for taking kids to museums.

And here’s her handy museum map and museum index so you can bookmark and tab it for your next trip.

museum map

End music: Duke by Cate le Bon

Cover photo by Simon Madine

This is the last of our Berlin podcast series and happy we had this opportunity to speak with her at The Hive Conference. Please subscribe below to get free Muse on your inbox (only good stuff, we promise)