Marlais is Michael’s electronic/folk music project that brings forward the otherworldly, sometimes cathartic, experience of sound. We discuss music as a tool for transportation, as a way to shift mood or pass on a story (like the oral tradition of the ‘olden days’). Michael also shares his process and motivations with insights into music history and his fascination with sampling traditional English/Irish music. This has been a truly inspired conversation with lots of music for you to ‘travel’ with.


The interview itself was quite spontaneous (long story involving tech issues that ended up working out in the end, thanks Michael!) so please forgive the quality and edit. What you hear is as natural as the actual conversation.

Timestamps below to go straight to the tracks:

2.39 – Love is Teasin’

9.50 – One Morning

Tracks from his latest EP: Dreams of Jarvis

18.50 – Green Blades

26.44 – Mountain Murmuration

34.00 – Love will Penetrate Her

40.00 – Dawning

We’ve been looking forward to this interview for a while and we hope you enjoy this as much as we did! Please get his latest EP Dreams of Jarvis here. We think it’s the perfect soundtrack to long walks and to all those moments we need to ‘get lost’.




You can find Marlais on Soundcloud too and listen to his other sets like Silent Knives and Ligatures.

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