Where is the distinction between what we define as art and what, instead, as illustration? and why ? Felicita Sala is an illustrator who was born here in Italy but grew up in Australia. She moved back to Italy a few years ago and now lives and works in Rome. Her career in illustration first started taking shape when she decided to sell her paintings on the street as a way to earn extra income. It was the first step of many towards Felicita defining her identity as an illustrator ( and as an artist, in our opinion). Hear her story and our discussion about art, love, travel and what can happen when you step outside the boundaries of what you’ve been taught.




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Also check out her illustrated recipe series (fun!) and her online shop where you can get prints of her work here

End music by the Generationals

She also collaborates often with her husband Gianluca Maruotti who is also a really great artist/animator. Have a look at this music video they did together below.