Rachel Roddy is prolific. She left her flourishing career as a theater and film/tv actress in London for a much simpler (and delicious) life in the Rome neighborhood of Testaccio. Rachel Eats is the blog she started in 2008 bringing together two of the things she likes most – writing and food. Years of inspired and dedicated writing, cooking, eating has led to her first cookbook ( and book of short stories, if you ask us) Five Quarters, or, Il Quinto Quarto. We talked to her about her growing career, discovering her love of being in the kitchen, and figuring out how to feel at home in Rome through the communal experience that cooking and eating in this city provides. She also has an incredibly infectious energy that leaves you feeling like you’re ready to take on the world or just about about anything it might throw at you after talking to her.

Rachel Roddy

Find her writing and recipes on her blog Rachel Eats

A great article and recipe with video over at The Guardian

Her book to be released in June called Five Quarters

and a short film Kat made a year ago of Rachel making Pasta e Fagioli